Accelerate Cloud Migration with AWS and Mastersystem

Migrating to the Cloud will provide an opportunity for your company to access technology that allows you to innovate faster, more competitive and open up greater business opportunities.

Cloud Transformation is a Journey,  Not Just A Goal

Cloud Consulting

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Management

Cloud Evaluation 

In current traditional situation, there's some challenges that company are usually facing such as:

Manage Cloud Financing

Adapt to the Unique Behavior of the Application

Determining the Right Size

Licensing Management 

It's very important for you to understand the full picture before start the migration like business agility, the pace of innovation and digital infrastructure.

Why Choose Mastersystem Infotama?

Mastersystem Infotama is an AWS Advanced Tier Partner with an experienced technical team that will help you analyze and prepare for the migration process to the Cloud.

About PT Mastersystem Infotama

Mastersystem Infotama (MSI) embrace “cloud-first” approach to help customers gain better performance at lower cost by migrating Windows workloads to AWS. MSI has demonstrated success in developing innovative solutions and solving our customer’s business challenges. Choosing MSI fast-track your cloud adoption and reduce your planning cycle to optimize the full benefit of migrating to AWS.

With over 28 years of operations, Mastersystem has become one of the leaders in Indonesia’s system integration industry, providing end-to-end information and communication technology (“ICT”) infrastructure technologies and advanced solutions to renowned corporations. 

The Company undertakes projects throughout Indonesia covering Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, and Papua, with a head office located in Jakarta and supported by a representative office in Surabaya.